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Prussianism and Socialism cover

Oswald Spengler

Prussianism and Socialism

In this new translation of Prussianism and Socialism, Oswald Spengler reflects on the relationship between socialism, liberalism and Prussianism. For Spengler, Prussianism is a typically German disposition, which is expressed in qualities such as a sense of duty and a willingness to sacrifice oneself for the common good. In contrast to Marxism, which Spengler strongly criticises, this Prussian spirit is synonymous with true socialism.

Spengler contrasts two fundamentally different views of life: English liberalism and Prussian socialism. While English liberalism is characterised by radical individualism and a ruthless desire for profit and exploitation, Prussian socialism emphasises togetherness, solidarity and national community. Both views are incompatible. Depending on which ideology gets the upper hand, power will ultimately rest either with financial interests or with states. Against this backdrop, Spengler calls on citizens of all walks of life to rise above class egoism, to affirm Prussian socialism and to unite in the struggle against the liberal world-view — the ‘inner England’ — which he sees as a threat to the continued existence of the German nation.

This edition includes Spengler’s essay ‘Russia’s Double Face and the German Problems in the East’, which presents his views on Russia as a distinct culture that has not yet fulfilled its destiny.

ISBN978-83-67583-27-5 (Paperback)
978-83-67583-28-2 (Hardback)
978-83-67583-29-9 (Ebook)
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