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Man and Technics cover

Oswald Spengler

Man and Technics

A Contribution to a Philosophy of Life

In this revised edition of Man and Technics, Oswald Spengler’s predictions have proven remarkably accurate after over ninety years. He foresaw the environmental consequences of industrialization, leading to species extinction.

Spengler predicted that low-wage labor from Third World countries would outcompete Western workers, causing industrial production to shift to regions like East Asia, India, and South America. He argued that technology alienates humanity from nature, dominating our culture. Despite mastering nature, man becomes enslaved by technology.

Spengler believed the West would grow disillusioned with its artificial lifestyle and eventually despise the civilization it created. The relentless progress of technology ensures the self-destruction of the high-tech West from within. He envisioned a future where our cities crumble like ancient palaces. Whether this prophecy will come true remains to be seen.

ISBN978-83-67583-48-0 (Paperback)
978-83-67583-49-7 (Hardback)
978-83-67583-50-3 (Ebook)
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